Region: Kazakhstan

Court finds Kazakhstan bound by Soviet treaty

A UK court has ruled that a US$917 million arbitration against Kazakhstan can proceed after all, finding that an eminent UNCITRAL tribunal was distracted by “irrelevant material” when it found the state was not bound by an investment treaty signed by the former Soviet Union.

04 January 2022

Kazakhstan defeats ICSID claim over oil venture

An ICSID tribunal has rejected a US energy company’s US$460 million treaty claim against Kazakhstan over the alleged appropriation of an oil venture, according to the state.

29 November 2021

Belgian court finds Stati award obtained by fraud

A Belgian court has ruled that a US$545 million Energy Charter Treaty award against Kazakhstan cannot be enforced, finding that Moldovan creditors Anatolie and Gabriel Stati obtained it through fraud.

17 November 2021

Kazakh road authority sees off challenge to SIAC award

A Turkish contractor has lost its challenge to a nearly US$18 million SIAC award in favour of Kazakhstan’s road authority, with a Paris court ruling that complaints over procedural unfairness should have been raised in the arbitration.

19 October 2021

Kazakh road authority beats bulk of ICC claim

Kazakhstan’s road authority has largely escaped a more than US$200 million ICC claim brought by Turkish contractors over a motorway project that forms part of China’s Belt and Road initiative.

23 August 2021

Statis threaten fresh claim against Kazakhstan

UPDATED: Moldovan investors Anatolie and Gabriel Stati have threatened Kazakhstan with a fresh Energy Charter Treaty claim over its refusal to pay an earlier US$545 million award, which the state alleges was obtained through fraud.

05 August 2021

Belgian appeal court upholds Kazakh asset freeze

The Brussels Court of Appeal has upheld an attachment over US$542 million worth of Kazakh state assets obtained by Moldovan investors seeking to enforce an Energy Charter Treaty award.

09 July 2021

Enhancing dispute settlement and prevention in Kazakhstan

A webinar organised by the World Bank and Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice considered the country’s efforts to improve its business and investment climate by enhancing dispute settlement and prevention mechanisms. Martin Gronemann of Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg reports.

07 June 2021

UK energy company threatens Kazakhstan

A London-listed oil and gas company has instructed counsel for a threatened Energy Charter Treaty claim against Kazakhstan, where it potentially seeks hundreds of millions of dollars for the revocation of a licence and loss of its local operations.

01 April 2021

Kazakh mining award challenged by both sides

A Canadian mining company has applied to partially annul an award against Kazakhstan, saying it was “not the quality of justice we expected to receive from an ICSID tribunal” – while the state seeks to annul parts of the same award.

29 March 2021

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