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Ice cream maker’s Israel boycott to go to arbitration, as US suit frozen

A claim over US ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s boycott of Israel is to be arbitrated in New York following a partial stay of US court proceedings.

24 June 2022

ICC Court president warns of "tool bias"

In a keynote speech at Tel Aviv Arbitration Week, the president of the ICC International Court of Arbitration Claudia Salomon has warned that the "magnetic pull" of international arbitration and a common "tool bias" may mean that other dispute resolution methods are being insufficiently considered.

15 March 2022

First GAR Connect Mediterranean has broad geographical reach

The first GAR Connect Eastern Mediterranean saw speakers discuss dispute-related trends arising from offshore natural gas fields in the Mediterranean itself, in countries bordering the sea like Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Libya and Turkey, and as far East as the Gulf and Russia.

10 March 2022

Israeli gas field dispute escalates at ICC

The London-based developer of two offshore Israeli gas fields has said it will seek damages after Israel’s largest private power producer launched an ICC arbitration over a gas supply deal disrupted by pandemic-related delays.

02 February 2022

Guatemala chases Israeli investor over costs

An UNCITRAL award favouring Guatemala has surfaced as the state applies to collect costs from an Israeli energy company behind a failed US$117 million investment treaty claim.

17 January 2022

Palestine turns to PCA for tax claim against Israel

Palestine has asked the Permanent Court of Arbitration for help in appointing a five-person tribunal to hear a claim concerning more than US$6 billion in taxes it says Israel is withholding in violation of the Oslo Accords.

14 July 2020

Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration

28 January 2020

Jerusalem Arbitration Center

28 January 2020

Jerusalem Arbitration Center

04 January 2019

Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration

04 January 2019

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