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Indian Supreme Court okays two-stage arbitration

Arbitrations with an appeal-like procedure are valid and their awards can be enforced, India’s Supreme Court has ruled in the latest stage of a 15 year-long battle to enforce an ICC award held by US metals trader Centrotrade.

20 December 2016

India enforcement bid survives faulty service

A US court has ruled that a British-owned oil and gas company’s attempt to serve India by private courier with notice of enforcement proceedings was ineffective – but has refused to dismiss its petition to enforce a US$74 million award relating to an offshore hydrocarbons reserve.

02 December 2016

Indian merger didn’t kill off ICC claim, says UK court

An ICC arbitration did not “die” when the original claimant was dissolved upon its merger with two other Indian companies, the English Commercial Court has ruled.

28 November 2016

Docomo-Tata dispute plays out in New York and London

UPDATED. Japanese mobile phone company NTT Docomo has taken its effort to enforce a US$1.17 billion LCIA award against Tata to New York, while the Indian group has filed evidence in London to oppose an ex parte enforcement order that has already been granted.

07 October 2016

Coal India ordered to pay costs award, 14 years on

A Calcutta court has told India’s state-owned coal company to pay a 14-year-old costs award, imposed after it unnecessarily engaged two of the most prestigious law firms in the world to advise on a “not very complex” dispute with a Canadian company.

30 September 2016

India’s Supreme Court orders a McArbitration

India’s Supreme Court has upheld a ruling that a clash between McDonald’s and its local joint venture partner should be resolved through LCIA arbitration in London – the second speedy resolution of an Indian arbitration-related litigation in a week.

31 August 2016

Hajj routes contract compels Delhi arbitration, New York court rules

A US airline that provides flights to for Muslim pilgrims undertaking the hajj is appealing a ruling that its contract with Air India compels it to arbitrate their dispute in Delhi, despite containing no mention of arbitration.

10 August 2016

India found liable in satellite case

UPDATED. A tribunal has found India liable for breaching three Mauritian investors’ treaty rights through the cancellation of a satellite telecoms deal – but partly accepted the state’s defence based on national security interests.

26 July 2016

McArbitration back on the menu

22 July 2016

Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM)

Featured in Guide To Regional Arbitration (volume 4 - 2016)

11 September 2014

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