Region: India

Indian court confirms set-aside of billion-dollar award

The Delhi High Court has affirmed its decision to set aside a US$1.3 billion ICC award against an Indian state-owned entity based on allegations of fraud.

20 March 2023

“Enough is enough”: Justice Patel calls for Indian arbitration reform

In a GAR Live keynote speech delivered before the news that India will open its doors to foreign lawyers, Justice Gautam Patel of the High Court of Bombay called out “fundamental flaws” in the country’s arbitration system, taking aim at the conduct of arbitration practitioners in the country and saying it was time to “burn down the house” in terms of how arbitration is perceived.

17 March 2023

India opens doors to foreign lawyers

In a long-awaited policy shift, the Bar Council of India has agreed to allow foreign lawyers and firms to practise foreign law in the country, including acting in international arbitrations.

15 March 2023

Miner secures funding for treaty claim against India

A UK mining company says it has secured US$10.5 million in third-party funding for a potential investment treaty claim against India over a prospecting licence for a gold project.

02 March 2023

German court permits enforcement against India

A German court has ruled that Deutsche Telekom can partially enforce a US$132 million investment treaty award against India over a cancelled satellite deal, finding the state lacked evidence to substantiate its fraud allegations.

08 February 2023

Pakistan-India hydro dispute underway in The Hague

An arbitral tribunal tasked with resolving a dispute between Pakistan and India over two hydroelectric power plants has had its first meeting in The Hague – but India has refused to participate, arguing the matter should be resolved through an alternative process under the same treaty.

06 February 2023

Mauritius court blocks treaty claim in Devas saga

The Supreme Court of Mauritius has restrained investors in insolvent satellite company Devas Multimedia from pursuing an investment treaty arbitration against India over the state’s alleged efforts to evade enforcement of a US$1.3 billion ICC award.

17 January 2023

Join us for GAR Live Mumbai

Readers are invited to join us next month for GAR Live Mumbai – which will feature sessions on whether Indian reforms are working, the potential introduction of summary applications in arbitration and the standards of arbitrator disclosure post-Halliburton.

12 January 2023

SIAC to hear Indian fintech feud

An Indian fintech company has filed a SIAC claim to recover shares owned by one of its founders who it has accused of fraud and embezzlement.

12 December 2022

Mumbai centre hears billion-dollar M&A dispute

India’s Reliance Infrastructure is pursuing a US$1.7 billion claim at the Mumbai Centre for International Arbitration over the sale of a power distribution business.

15 September 2022

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