Region: Honduras

Guatemalan renewables investors bring claim against Honduras

A pair of Guatemalan renewable energy investors are pursuing a DR-CAFTA claim against Honduras, as a group of US claimants drop their bid to revive a case against Nicaragua under the same free trade agreement.

22 September 2023

Airport operator brings ICSID claim against Honduras

The operator of the largest airport in Honduras has made good on its threat to bring a contract-based ICSID claim against the state after a government minister said its concession would be reviewed.

13 September 2023

Panamanian solar investor takes Honduras to ICSID

A Panamanian investor has filed an ICSID claim against Honduras over its investment in a solar farm.

05 September 2023

Honduras threatens to withdraw from ICSID

Honduras has threatened to withdraw from ICSID, alleging the centre has breached “law and procedure” in its administration of a US$11 billion treaty claim.

01 June 2023

Norwegian solar investors bring ICSID claims against Honduras

A Norwegian state-owned development fund and its partner in two solar energy projects have brought separate ICSID claims against Honduras.

24 April 2023

Highway investors take Honduras to ICSID

A group of investors in a terminated highway construction project have brought a contractual claim against Honduras at ICSID, as more details emerge about a separate claim by a financial services company.

17 April 2023

Mexican financial services investor brings claim against Honduras

A Mexican financial services company has brought an ICSID claim worth more than US$100 million against Honduras for allegedly seizing control of a local subsidiary in contravention of a local court order.

15 February 2023

Honduras sees DR-CAFTA disputes loom

UPDATED: A US investor has formally notified Honduras of its intent to bring a treaty claim potentially worth nearly US$11 billion over plans to repeal special economic zones, while the central American state has also been threatened by several energy companies.

11 November 2022

Honduras faces treaty dispute over special economic zones

A US company has notified Honduras of a potential DR-CAFTA claim over moves to repeal legislation relating to special economic zones in the Central American state.

07 June 2022

Port operator threatens claim against Honduras

The Manila-based operator of one of Central America’s largest ports has reportedly threatened Honduras with an ICSID claim, alleging that its US$250 million concession has been jeopardised by plans for a rival container terminal.

27 July 2021

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