Region: Haiti

Award creditor targets Haiti assets held by US airline

A fuel importer that won a US$23 million award of security against Haiti last year has sought to attach state assets held by American Airlines until the arbitration is concluded.

25 July 2022

Haitian state agency must pay security

A US court has confirmed a partial award ordering a Haitian state agency to post US$23 million in pre-award security pending the conclusion of an ad hoc arbitration brought by a petroleum supplier over unpaid oil shipments.

28 January 2022

Haiti fails to stay claim as central bank assets unfrozen

A New York state court has refused to grant Haiti a stay of a US$94 million ad hoc arbitration brought by a petroleum supplier, after a federal court lifted an attachment on assets owned by the Caribbean state’s central bank.

18 October 2021

Haiti seeks to halt fuel supply claim

A Haitian government agency has asked a US court to stay a US$94 million ad hoc arbitration brought by a supplier of petroleum products, arguing that the disputes provisions in their contracts are invalid under Haitian law.

10 March 2021

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