Region: Guinea

Guinea fails in corruption challenge to telecoms award

With the country in the midst of a military coup, Guinea has failed to persuade a Paris court to overturn a US$25 million ICC award won by a Seychelles-based telecoms group on grounds of corruption.

07 September 2021

Sierra Leoneans seek discovery from Steinmetz group

Sierra Leonean citizens pursuing an environmental class action against subsidiaries of Beny Steinmetz’s BSG Resources have asked a US court for discovery from the Guernsey mining company and its bankruptcy administrators.

25 August 2021

Arms dealer’s award against Guinea upheld

A French court has upheld a nearly €40 million ICC award won by an Israeli-owned arms company against Guinea, rejecting arguments that it violated an EU embargo on military sales.

16 April 2021

Steinmetz found guilty of corruption in Geneva

A court in Geneva has found Israeli-French billionaire Beny Steinmetz guilty of paying bribes to secure mining rights in Guinea – allegations that have also been the subject of ICSID and LCIA arbitrations.

22 January 2021

Award in Guinean bribery dispute made public

An LCIA award worth US$2 billion that made findings of corruption in a dispute over an iron-ore mining project in Guinea has become public after being submitted to the US courts for enforcement.

25 April 2019

Soros-Steinmetz feud stayed for Guinea arbitration

A US$10 billion action brought against US-Hungarian philanthropist George Soros by Beny Steinmetz Group Resources has been stayed by a New York court pending the outcome of the mining group’s ICSID arbitration against Guinea.

30 November 2017

Annulled Guinea award blocked again in US

A US appeals court has refused to enforce an award against Guinea that was set aside by a West African court after the arbitrators negotiated a fee rise.

07 July 2017

French court tells Getma to cover Guinea’s costs

The French Court of Cassation has said that a subsidiary of French group NCT Necotrans is liable to pay Guinea’s unpaid fees from their OHADA arbitration – ruling that the parties still have liability to jointly pay costs even though the institutional rules are silent on the issue.

13 February 2017

Kaufmann-Kohler tribunal did not prejudge Guinea case, rules World Bank president

After GAR reported a failed attempt to unseat a tribunal hearing an ICSID claim against Guinea, it has emerged that the panel presided over by Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler was cleared by the World Bank president of violating due process and prejudging a case when it refused to make a supplementary order for the production of documents related to mining rights.

06 January 2017

Challenge fails and witnesses arrested in Guinea bribery case

A group of mining companies linked to Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz has failed to unseat all three members of an ICSID tribunal hearing its US$5 billion claim against Guinea over mining rights – while a multi-jurisdictional criminal investigation has led to the arrest of Steinmetz and others who have appeared as witnesses in the case.

05 January 2017

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