Region: Guatemala

Guatemalan renewables investors bring claim against Honduras

A pair of Guatemalan renewable energy investors are pursuing a DR-CAFTA claim against Honduras, as a group of US claimants drop their bid to revive a case against Nicaragua under the same free trade agreement.

22 September 2023

Maersk seeks ICSID conciliation with Guatemala

Denmark’s Maersk Group has requested an ICSID conciliation proceeding with Guatemala – five years after it threatened a claim over a troubled port terminal concession.

12 September 2023

US appeals court does U-turn over grounds for set-aside

In a decision that affects Miami and Atlanta as arbitral seats, a US federal appeals court has held that the grounds for setting aside New York Convention awards in US-seated arbitrations are found in domestic law rather than the convention – overruling its own precedents and aligning with four other US circuits.

14 April 2023

Guatemala to settle ICSID power tariff feud

Guatemala has agreed to pay US$46 million to a US investor to settle a long-running dispute over electricity tariffs that went before four different ICSID panels.

24 November 2022

Guatemalan bank sees off ICDR claim in bribery dispute

A Guatemalan bank has defeated an ICDR claim worth almost US$400 million brought under a share purchase agreement allegedly procured through bribery.

28 October 2022

Contractor pursues triple enforcement bid against Guatemala

A Guatemalan construction company has asked a US court to enforce three awards together worth at least US$60 million including interest that it won against Guatemala over its work on road rehabilitation projects.

13 June 2022

“Our hands are tied”: US appeals court reluctantly upholds Guatemalan hydro award

A US appeals court has reluctantly dismissed a bid to annul a US$7 million ICC award concerning a Guatemalan hydroelectric project, finding it is bound by previous rulings in which it has “gotten it wrong” on the key issue, despite them clashing with Supreme Court precedent.

08 June 2022

Guatemala chases Israeli investor over costs

An UNCITRAL award favouring Guatemala has surfaced as the state applies to collect costs from an Israeli energy company behind a failed US$117 million investment treaty claim.

17 January 2022

Colombian group brings second claim against Guatemala

A Colombian energy distributor has launched a second ICSID claim against Guatemala over a project to upgrade the country’s electrical grid.

10 December 2021

Mexico and Guatemala face new ICSID claims

Mexico has been hit with a second ICSID claim relating to a venture to provide digital technology for taxis – as Guatemala faces a claim by a Panamanian investor in a hydroelectric project.

16 November 2021

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