Region: Ghana

Ghana’s central bank sees off LCIA claim

An LCIA tribunal has dismissed a US$480 million arbitration against the Bank of Ghana over a cancelled payments systems project after the claimant failed to post security for costs – a dispute that saw the bank raise allegations of fraud and corruption.

25 August 2021

Insurer seeks to enforce against Ghana university

Insurance company Chubb has asked a US court to enforce a US$165 million ruling against the University of Ghana in a dispute arising from a failed campus expansion project – as the parties clash over whether the decision is an arbitration award.

09 August 2021

Ghana liable over another emergency contract

Ghana is facing another award under an emergency contract handed out during an energy crisis six years ago – with an LCIA tribunal chaired by Hilary Heilbron QC ordering the state to pay US$69 million to an Indian-Nigerian joint venture.

02 July 2021

Chinese investor launches second claim against Ghana

As a tribunal is formed to hear a Chinese construction company’s investment treaty claim against Ghana, the same investor has launched a related LCIA arbitration against the west African state over the cancellation of its contract to develop an intelligent traffic management system.

17 June 2021

Ghana too late to challenge power plant award

UPDATED: The Commercial Court in London has refused to allow Ghana to bring a belated challenge to an UNCITRAL award worth over US$134 million in favour of a power contractor, ruling that national elections and covid-19 did not make the state's delay reasonable.

11 June 2021

Ghana liable over cancelled energy deal

An UNCITRAL tribunal has ordered Ghana to pay around US$170 million to a local energy company for cancelling an emergency contract signed during an electricity supply crisis.

18 February 2021

Chinese company brings claim against Ghana

A Beijing-based construction company has brought one of the first known claims by a mainland Chinese investor against an African country, seeking US$55 million from Ghana after its contract to develop an intelligent traffic management system for Accra was cancelled and it was replaced by other Chinese contractors.

11 February 2021

Ghana Arbitration Centre

28 January 2020

Ghana Arbitration Centre

04 January 2019

Ghana Arbitration Centre

Featured in Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 5 - 2017)

03 November 2016

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