Region: Gabon

“Wedding gift” to Gabonese mayor leads to set-aside

A French court has annulled a €90 million ICC award against Gabon after finding that a Maltese construction company’s gift of a luxury honeymoon trip to a public official was a “serious indication of corruption”.

26 May 2021

Gabonese gas field project leads to claim

A subsidiary of Indonesia’s state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina has launched a US$43 million arbitration against Gabon’s national oil company over a gas field project.

19 March 2021

Gabon settles with Turkish contractor

The Central African state of Gabon has agreed to pay over US$27.4 million to a Turkish construction company to satisfy an ICC award and bring an end to US enforcement proceedings.

19 December 2019

ICC panel orders Gabon to pay damages

An ICC tribunal has ordered Gabon to pay US$170 million to a recently deceased businessman’s company for work on infrastructure projects after finding the state had failed to prove its allegations of corruption.

27 November 2019

Pyrrhic win for Spanish roadbuilder against Gabon

An ICC tribunal has reportedly dismissed the bulk of a €67 million contractual claim by a Spanish construction company against Gabon relating to a road project – while another arbitration over a sports arena continues.

04 October 2019

Gabon gets reprieve to contest US enforcement

A US court will allow Gabon to contest enforcement of a US$47 million ICC award in favour of a Turkish construction company – removing an entry of default it had issued after the state had failed to respond or appear in the proceedings for five months.

12 September 2019

Turkish company seeks to enforce against Gabon

A Turkish construction company has applied to a US court to enforce a US$47 million ICC award against Gabon over an aborted project to build a presidential palace and other buildings.

31 October 2018

Veolia-Gabon pollution dispute moves to next level

Following an unsuccessful attempt at ICSID conciliation, a subsidiary of French environmental services group Veolia has filed for arbitration against Gabon over the government’s seizure of its assets following allegations it had caused severe pollution

18 October 2018

ICC claim against Gabon partly clears hurdle

An ICC tribunal has partly upheld jurisdiction over claims by a French-Italian businessman’s company against Gabon for around US$600 million allegedly owed for work on public infrastructure projects – at the same time agreeing to hear the state’s defence that the contracts were obtained through corruption.

11 April 2018

Gabon pollution feud leads to ICSID conciliation

A subsidiary of French environmental services group Veolia has launched an ICSID conciliation against Gabon after the “brutal expropriation” of its local water and electricity assets because of alleged pollution – and says it may turn to arbitration if the dispute is not resolved.

09 March 2018

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