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The French Arbitration Committee (Le Comité français de l'arbitrage)

Featured in Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 6 - 2018)

19 November 2017

Rocket funds released in Yukos battle

A French court has released seized funds of around €300 million owed to Russian space agency Roscosmos for the sale of rockets, after finding that the state entity is not liable for Russia's debt in the US$50 billion Yukos awards.

27 June 2017

Belgian investors fail to reinstate ICC treaty award

Two Belgian clothing investors have failed in a bid to reinstate an investment treaty award against Madagascar issued by ICC sole arbitrator Barton Legum after it was set aside last year.

13 June 2017

EDF-Argentina dispute ends after 14 years

A 14-year-long ICSID claim against Argentina over an electricity concession in Buenos Aires is over after claimant EDF apparently lost an ICC arbitration over the right to keep its claim going.

03 April 2017

Venezuela fails to annul US$740 million award in Paris

The Paris Court of Appeal has rejected Venezuela’s attempt to overturn a US$740 million ICSID award in favour of Canadian gold mining company Gold Reserve.

08 February 2017

Lagarde guilty

The managing director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde has been convicted of negligence over her role in referring Bernard Tapie’s dispute with the French government to arbitration.

19 December 2016

Ukraine fails to quash treaty award in Paris

The Paris Court of Appeal has dismissed a request by Ukraine to set aside a US$112 million investment treaty award in favour of Russian oil company Tatneft.

01 December 2016

French court unfreezes Russian assets in Yukos battle

The Paris Court of Appeal has lifted attachments obtained by one of the former majority shareholders in Yukos against €400 million in assets owned by three Russian state enterprises.

23 November 2016

French Council of State rules on set-aside powers

France’s supreme administrative court has ruled for the first time on its power to review international arbitration awards arising from public contracts, partially setting aside an ICC award relating to a liquefied natural gas terminal on the country’s Mediterranean coast.

16 November 2016

Chambre Arbitrale Internationale de Paris (CAIP)

Featured in Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 5 - 2017)

08 November 2016

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