Region: France

Benin fails in corruption challenge to airport award

A French court has refused to set aside a US$95 million ICC award won by a US airport security company against Benin, rejecting the state’s allegations that the underlying contract was procured through corruption.

12 November 2020

Spain and France not immune from oil spill suits

The Commercial Court in London has ruled that Spain and France cannot invoke sovereign immunity to avoid litigation brought by an insurance club over the two states’ alleged failure to honour arbitral awards relating to an oil spill in the Atlantic 18 years ago.

24 July 2020

Brazilian oil awards survive failure to disclose

A French court has upheld five partial awards in an LCIA-administered arbitration between Brazilian partners in an offshore oil block – while finding that an arbitrator should have disclosed his ties to a Canadian law firm that acted for the majority shareholders of one of the parties.

17 April 2020

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

28 January 2020

Institut d’Expertise, d’Arbitrage et de Mèdiation (IEAM)

28 January 2020

Cour d’arbitrage et de mèdiation (CAREN)

28 January 2020

ICC International Court of Arbitration

28 January 2020

Court Europèenne d’arbitrage (Part of the Centre Europèen d’arbitrage et de Mèdiation (CEAM))

28 January 2020

Chambre Arbitrale Internationale de Paris (CAIP)

28 January 2020

Centre Interprofessionnel de Mèdiation et d’Arbitrage (CIMA)

28 January 2020

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