Region: France

Galeries Lafayette loses bias challenge to ICC award

French department store chain Galeries Lafayette has failed to revive a €680 million ICC claim against BNP Paribas based on allegations that the arbitrators were biased.

22 April 2021

Arms dealer’s award against Guinea upheld

A French court has upheld a nearly €40 million ICC award won by an Israeli-owned arms company against Guinea, rejecting arguments that it violated an EU embargo on military sales.

16 April 2021

Russia overturns billion-dollar Crimea award

In a major victory for Russia, a French court has annulled a US$1.1 billion award that compensated a Ukrainian state-owned bank for the expropriation of its assets in Crimea, finding that the underlying treaty did not protect investments made before 1992.

30 March 2021

French court says PCA lacked power to intervene in OIC case

The Paris Court of Appeal has ruled that the Permanent Court of Arbitration had no authority to assist in the appointment of a tribunal to hear a US$525 million claim against Libya after the Organization of Islamic Cooperation refused to appoint an arbitrator on the state’s behalf.

26 March 2021

Lebanese creditor seizes Congo oil revenues

A French court has confirmed that a Lebanese creditor seeking to enforce €1.4 billion worth of ICC awards against the Republic of the Congo can attach US$30 million in funds from the state’s national oil company.

24 March 2021

Introducing Mayer Greenberg

After five years of working together, leading international arbitrator Pierre Mayer has teamed up with rising practitioner Céline Greenberg – his tribunal secretary in numerous cases – to create a Paris-based boutique dedicated to arbitration and related court proceedings.

24 March 2021

Lebanese broadcaster’s award upheld in Paris

The Paris Court of Appeal has upheld an ICC award requiring a Saudi prince’s media group to pay US$22 million to a Lebanese television station.

16 March 2021

Anti-diabetic drug dispute leads to ICC award

The biopharmaceuticals arm of Merck has secured damages from a French spin-off company in an ICC arbitration over royalties owed under agreements to develop an anti-diabetic drug.

05 March 2021

French court revives Libyan civil war claims

A French court has upheld an ICC tribunal’s decision to award US$116 million to a Libyan state entity while ruling it should have agreed to hear a UAE oil company’s claims over the unauthorised use of Libya’s biggest refinery during the country’s 2011 revolution.

03 March 2021

Former Quinn Emanuel lawyer goes solo in Paris

A former Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan senior associate who is France's representative at the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum, Armand Terrien, has set up his own practice in Paris.

03 March 2021

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