Region: Europe

UK court rejects consumer law challenge to Hong Kong award

A widow who was held liable in a Hong Kong arbitration after personally guaranteeing a bond issuance by her late husband’s company “out of love” has failed to halt enforcement of the award in London by invoking UK consumer law.

08 August 2023

Award creditors seize Spanish-owned property in London

Two renewable energy investors have seized land used by the Spanish government for an international private school in west London, as part of their battle to enforce a €120 million ICSID award.

04 August 2023

Russian state entity seeks LCIA arbitration

UPDATED: A Moscow Court has reportedly rejected a request by a sanctioned Russian state-owned entity to move litigation over Eurobond debt to the London Court of International Arbitration.

03 August 2023

Claims loom against US gas supplier

Portuguese oil company Galp says it is considering its options over a US exporter’s alleged failure to provide contracted natural gas supplies – which has reportedly already led to three pending cases at the LCIA.

02 August 2023

UK solar investor threatens Belarus

A UK investor has threatened to bring a treaty claim against Belarus, saying the state undermined and expropriated a solar power project after it withdrew various renewables incentives.

01 August 2023

UK sand miner prepares claim against Sri Lanka

A UK company has instructed counsel for a potential treaty claim against Sri Lanka over the cancellation of its mining licences that it says the state is trying to award to third parties.

01 August 2023

Italian waste investor brings claim against North Macedonia

An Italian company has filed an ICSID claim against North Macedonia over a concession to run one of the largest landfill sites in Europe – as a Canadian miner renews its threat to bring a claim against the state at the centre.

31 July 2023

Bulgaria fails to knock out Lithuanian heirs' claim

An ICSID tribunal has rejected Bulgaria’s request for summary dismissal of a billion-euro Energy Charter Treaty claim brought by the children of a Lithuanian oil and gas entrepreneur.

31 July 2023

Spain and solar investor both seek ICSID annulment

Spain and a Portuguese solar company have both applied to annul an ICSID award that granted €9 million plus interest to the investor.

30 July 2023

Venezuela defeats dual national's pharma claim

An UNCITRAL tribunal has declined jurisdiction over a US$200 million investment treaty claim brought by a dual national against Venezuela over the expropriation of a pharmaceutical business.

28 July 2023

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