Region: Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh International Arbitration Centre

04 January 2019

Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA)

02 January 2019

Saudi investor withdraws claim against Egypt

A Saudi businessman has agreed to withdraw a US$937 million UNCITRAL claim against Egypt, after a local government agreed to provide land for his real estate and tourism developments by order of a ministerial committee charged with settling investment disputes.

24 January 2018

Al Jazeera seeks urgent measures amid death penalty threat

Al Jazeera has requested “urgent and necessary” provisional measures in its US$150 million ICSID claim against Egypt – where, since the filing of the case, a journalist has been sentenced to death in his absence and another detained.

07 April 2017

Egypt liable for gas supply termination after pipeline attacks

An ICSID tribunal hearing one of four politically sensitive cases arising from pipeline attacks that interrupted Egyptian gas supplies to Israel during the Arab Spring has held Egypt liable for expropriation and other treaty breaches – partly on the basis of an ICC panel’s findings.

28 February 2017

Decade-long Eurobond litigation goes to arbitration

Eurobond holders including Swiss bank UBS have convinced a US court to bind two Egyptian brothers to their companies' arbitration agreements, after nearly a decade of litigation in New York and an eve-of-trial allegation that the judge had a conflict of interest.

15 February 2017

Egypt faces construction claim at ICSID

In the wake of settling a spate of investment disputes, Egypt has been hit with a new ICSID claim brought by three US investors in a housing construction project.

21 November 2016

Egypt cotton claim sees challenge to Australian arbitrator

A US-based family of cotton investors fighting a second ICSID claim against Egypt has sought to disqualify the state’s appointee to the tribunal, Australian arbitrator Zachary Douglas QC.

16 November 2016

Egypt settles another ICSID claim

Weeks after resolving a dispute with a Kuwaiti investor, Egypt has settled an ICSID claim brought by Luxembourg’s ArcelorMittal over the construction of a steel plant by the Red Sea.

14 November 2016

Egypt and Jordan settle ICSID claims

A Kuwaiti investor has settled an ICSID claim that it filed against Egypt in the wake of the Arab Spring, as Jordan amicably resolves a dispute with French mobile operator Orange.

04 November 2016

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