Region: Egypt

Egyptian contractor brings ICSID claim against South Sudan

An Egyptian electrical infrastructure company has filed an ICSID claim against South Sudan under a contract for a construction project.

29 September 2023

Egypt knocks down mega-claim to US$22 billion

An UNCITRAL tribunal has thrown out US$30 billion in claims lodged by Saudi real estate investors in a treaty case against Egypt, GAR has learned – while it continues to hear remaining claims worth US$22 billion.

07 June 2023

Treaty claimant’s estate resists success fee demand

A judge in London has refused to allow two law firms to summarily enforce conditional fee agreements against the estate of a deceased businessman they represented in an investment treaty arbitration – finding it was realistically arguable that the retainers didn’t comply with applicable legislation.

24 April 2023


Featured in The Middle Eastern and African Arbitration Review 2023

21 April 2023

Youssef calls for "COP-27 moment" for arbitration

In a speech in Egypt, Karim Youssef called for a "COP-27 moment for arbitration", arguing that "the preservation of the good health and good functioning of global arbitration is a matter of global public interest."

19 December 2022

Egypt settles "New Cairo" claim

Egypt has settled an ICSID claim brought by a Dubai-owned pipe manufacturer over its right to bid for tenders related to a sewerage network for “New Cairo” – a US$30 billion project to relieve overcrowding in one of Africa’s largest cities.

29 November 2022

Water wars loom, hears COP fringe event

The African Society of International Law hosted a landmark event in Cairo ahead of the current COP27 climate change summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, with warnings of "water wars" among other disasters if action is not taken.

18 November 2022

Canada BIT award upheld at ICSID

A subsidiary of Russian-owned telecoms group Veon has failed to revive a US$1.8 billion investment treaty claim against Canada – while the state has also failed to partially annul the award.

03 October 2022

Funder sues treaty claimant after settlement with Egypt

A disputes funder that provided initial financing for an investment treaty claim against Egypt before going bankrupt is now suing the successful claimant for a share of the settlement proceeds.

20 May 2022

Egypt settles French cement claim at ICSID

Egypt says it has settled an ICSID claim worth over US$100 million brought by a French family-owned cement company.

23 March 2022

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