Region: Czech Republic

Volterra Fietta can't collect fees under unlawful retainer

The High Court in London has affirmed that Volterra Fietta is not entitled to any of the nearly US$3 million it billed a client in an investment treaty arbitration under a conditional fee agreement that was found to be unlawful.

02 August 2022

Czech Republic challenges plasma award

The Czech Republic has applied to annul a US$650 million treaty award holding it liable for frustrating the investment of a blood plasma supplier and its owner, including through the state's actions in an earlier contractual arbitration, while revealing the investors had sought up to US$2.2 billion.

17 June 2022

Czech enforcement saga leads to treaty award

An UNCITRAL tribunal has ordered the Czech Republic to pay several hundred million dollars to a blood plasma supplier and its owner, finding that the frustration of their efforts to enforce a contractual arbitration award was in breach of an investment treaty.

01 June 2022

Investor alleges ICSID award undermines anticorruption efforts

A Swiss housing investor that won part of its case against the Czech Republic on liability but was denied any of the US$235 million it claimed in damages has applied to annul the award, saying it undermines efforts to combat corruption.

10 March 2022

Czech Republic reports win against Dubai investor

The Czech Republic says it has defeated a Dubai investor’s US$20 million treaty claim over the city of Prague’s refusal to conclude a land rental agreement.

03 March 2022

Czech Republic dodges damages over housing project

UPDATED: An ICSID tribunal has held the Czech Republic liable for actions taken by the mayor of a rural village over a thwarted housing development, while refusing to award any of the US$235 million in damages sought.

02 November 2021

Volterra Fietta ordered to repay former client in BIT case

London boutique Volterra Fietta has been ordered to repay US$1.6 million to a former client after its conditional fee agreement for an investment treaty arbitration was found to be unenforceable.

25 May 2021

Czech Republic puts poppy claim to bed

The Czech Republic has defeated a US$100 million UNCITRAL claim brought by a Dutch company which alleged it was the victim of a fraudulent scheme relating to the sale of blue poppies and other commodities.

30 April 2021

Ad agency brings treaty claim against Czech Republic

The world’s largest outdoor advertising company has made good on its threat to file a €40 million investment treaty claim against the Czech Republic over the termination of a long-term agreement for advertising space on Prague public transport.

17 September 2020

Czech Republic sees off treaty claims by former senator

The Czech Republic says it has seen off a pair of treaty claims worth a combined US$440 million brought by a former politician and his company over investments in the travel sector.

12 May 2020

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