Region: Cyprus

Belgian supreme court upholds ruling on tribunal secretaries

Belgium’s supreme court has affirmed a controversial ruling that ICC awards can be drafted by tribunal secretaries if their work is reviewed by the arbitrators.

24 May 2023

Moldova sees off one treaty claim and is hit with another

Moldova has defeated an €884 million treaty claim over an airport concession just as it is hit with a new Energy Charter Treaty claim by a gas distributor.

04 August 2022

Real estate investors take Serbia to ICSID

Claimants apparently linked to a Canadian family of private equity investors have brought a treaty claim against Serbia over a real estate project – bringing the number of pending ICSID proceedings involving the Balkan state to seven.

01 June 2022

Bankers fail to revive billion dollar claim against Cyprus

The Lebanese former owners of a bank shut down by authorities in Cyprus after being linked to money laundering and financing terrorism have failed to revive a US$1.4 billion investment treaty claim against the state.

24 March 2022

First GAR Connect Mediterranean has broad geographical reach

The first GAR Connect Eastern Mediterranean saw speakers discuss dispute-related trends arising from offshore natural gas fields in the Mediterranean itself, in countries bordering the sea like Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Libya and Turkey, and as far East as the Gulf and Russia.

10 March 2022

LCIA award surfaces in Russian bank fraud case

Sons of a prominent Russian businessman took part in a “dishonest scheme” with a bank executive to replace US$500 million worth of secured loans with “unmarketable” bonds, according to a now-public LCIA award.

22 February 2022

Deceased banker’s ICSID claim halted

An ICSID claim brought by a Belarusian banker against Cyprus over measures taken during its financial crisis has been discontinued in the wake of his death last year.

05 November 2021

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry

28 January 2020

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry

04 January 2019

CAMC Cyprus Arbitration & Mediation Centre

04 January 2019

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