Region: Costa Rica

Costa Rica avoids damages in mining dispute

UPDATED: A divided ICSID tribunal has held Costa Rica liable in a third-party funded claim worth almost US$400 million brought by a Canadian gold mining company, while declining to award any damages.

04 June 2021

Costa Rican court enforces against non-signatory

The Supreme Court of Costa Rica has confirmed a US$23 million ICC award against one of the country’s largest construction groups – despite the fact it had not signed the underlying arbitration agreement.

22 March 2021

Ecotourism investors put Costa Rica on notice

A German family of ecotourism investors have threatened Costa Rica with an ICSID claim after their land was expropriated to build a hydropower plant.

19 March 2021

Centro Internacional de ConciliaciÛn y Arbitraje (CICA)

28 January 2020

Centro de Conciliacion y Arbitraje de la Camara de Comercio de Costa Rica (CCA)

28 January 2020

Panel dissolves Chinese-Costa Rican refinery project

UPDATED WITH AWARD: An ICC tribunal has granted a Costa Rican state entity’s request to dissolve its joint venture with a Chinese counterpart in a politically sensitive dispute over a cancelled US$1.5 billion project to upgrade an oil refinery – while related criminal proceedings continue.

01 November 2019

Centro Internacional de ConciliaciÛn y Arbitraje (CICA)

04 January 2019

Centro de Conciliacion y Arbitraje de la Camara de Comercio de Costa Rica (CCA)

04 January 2019

Costa Rica tribunal acknowledges award error

After rejecting a string of DR-CAFTA claims against Costa Rica last year on jurisdictional grounds, a tribunal has told the parties that the award contains a “factual error” regarding the status of litigation in the country and asked whether they should correct it or terminate the case.

20 April 2017

Costa Rica wins second ICSID case this year

Fresh from a win against a Spanish investor, Costa Rica has defeated a US$75 million ICSID claim brought by one of Mexico’s wealthiest families over alleged price-fixing in the liquefied petroleum gas market.

13 March 2017

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