Region: Congo

French judge probes Congo corruption claim

Leading French arbitrator Yves Derains has told GAR he welcomes the news that French authorities have opened a judicial investigation after the Republic of the Congo accused him of corruption in connection with a billion-euro ICC award.

30 August 2022

Emergency arbitrator restrains Cameroon in mining dispute

An Australian mining company says it has won an interim order from an emergency arbitrator barring Cameroon from granting exploration rights to an iron ore deposit while their ICC dispute over the project is ongoing.

05 April 2022

New ICC panel to hear bid to review Congo award

A new ICC panel will consider the Republic of the Congo’s bid to revise a billion-euro award in light of its allegations of corruption against leading French arbitrator Yves Derains – who has in turn brought a defamation complaint against the state’s counsel.

15 December 2021

Congo fails to dislodge ICC arbitrator from mining dispute

The Republic of the Congo has failed to disqualify Swiss arbitrator Charles Poncet from hearing an US$18 billion ICC claim by two mining companies based on his repeat appointments by the claimants’ law firm, Clifford Chance.

29 November 2021

Onslaught of claims against Congo continues

A UK mining company has launched an ICSID claim against the Republic of the Congo over the revocation of its iron ore permit – the latest in a wave of claims by miners against the state.

16 November 2021

Mourre takes charge of mammoth Congo claim

Former ICC Court of Arbitration President Alexis Mourre will chair a US$27 billion ICC claim that a mining company has filed against the Republic of the Congo over the revocation of its licence for an iron ore project.

08 November 2021

Congo accuses Derains of corruption

The Republic of the Congo has filed a criminal complaint alleging that a billion-euro ICC award against the state was obtained through corruption on the part of Yves Derains – allegations the leading French arbitrator has dismissed as “pure inventions”.

11 October 2021

Congo hit with another mining claim

An Australian mining company has launched an ICSID claim against the Republic of the Congo over the revocation of licences for iron ore projects, as the state faces contractual claims by two other miners totalling US$36 billion.

30 September 2021

South African oil company gets default judgment against Congo

A South African oil company has obtained a default judgment from a US court enforcing a US$619 million ICC award against the Democratic Republic of the Congo over contracts for four petroleum blocks.

16 September 2021

Swiss trader dragged into fight over Congo oil field

A UK energy company pursuing an ICSID claim against the Republic of the Congo over an oil field has filed a related ICC case worth US$200 million against a Swiss commodities trader.

07 July 2021

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