Region: China

Vietnam faces second ICSID claim

Vietnam is facing its second ever ICSID case after a pair of Chinese construction companies filed a claim under a rarely used investment treaty.

30 November 2022

Russian steel producer wins set-aside bid in Sweden

In a rare example of an annulment in the Swedish courts, the operator of a Russian steel plant has won the partial set-aside of a Stockholm Chamber of Commerce award in a US$200 million dispute with a Chinese engineering contractor.

08 November 2022

Chinese state entities take Maltese awards to California

Subsidiaries of two Chinese state-owned entities have applied to a California court to enforce awards issued in a pair of cases at the Malta Arbitration Centre relating to the €71 million sale of solar power assets.

03 November 2022

US court bars discovery for ICSID case

A US court has vacated discovery orders granted in aid of an investment treaty claim against Malta – dashing hopes that ICSID cases might have escaped the scope of a recent US Supreme Court prohibition against discovery for foreign arbitrations.

02 November 2022

ICC award looms in US-Chinese biotech dispute

A US biotech company and its Chinese partner are awaiting an ICC award in a US$200 million-plus dispute over a collaboration to develop cancer-fighting antibodies.

27 October 2022

Chinese-owned miner warns of ICC claim over Congo project

A subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned mining company says it intends to launch ICC arbitration after armed forces allegedly occupied the site of its copper mining project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

14 October 2022

Sinopec entity liable in oil storage dispute

The operator of an oil storage terminal in the US Virgin Islands has applied to enforce an ICDR award against a subsidiary of Chinese state-owned petroleum company Sinopec over a US$500 million lease agreement.

27 September 2022

Boog predicts more diverse future

In a keynote speech for GAR Live Beijing, Christopher Boog predicted increased "diversity" in the handling of international commercial, sports and investor-state disputes in future, with more variation in the seat, forum, governing law and participating lawyers and greater influence of civil law and Asian jurisdictions on policymaking, practice and procedure.

14 September 2022

Chinese tech company wins partial annulment in software dispute

UPDATED WITH LINK TO AWARD: A subsidiary of the creator of Chinese social media website Weibo has persuaded a Dutch court to partially annul a US$116 million award concerning alleged misuse of location-based services software, a dispute that has spawned enforcement proceedings in Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands.

01 September 2022

Funder backs Singapore investor’s claim against China

A Singaporean group has secured third-party funding for a US$170 million treaty claim against China over the curtailment of its phosphate mining activities to make way for a panda reserve.

24 August 2022

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