Region: Chile

Chilean state entity threatens Ecuador

Chile’s state-owned copper company has threatened to file an investment treaty claim against Ecuador over the alleged failure of its national mining company to comply with agreements to develop a multibillion copper project near Quito.

24 November 2020

Casino investors in Chile bet on ICSID

Three casino operators have instructed counsel as they prepare to file an ICSID claim against Chile over a public tender process for casino concessions that they allege is illegal and favours competitors.

13 November 2020

Centro de Arbitraje y Mediacion de la Camara de Comercio de Santiago (CAM Santiago)

28 January 2020

AmCham Chile

28 January 2020

Lat Am banking merger leads to ICC award

An ICC tribunal has ordered the majority shareholders in a Colombian bank to buy out their minority partner’s interest – in a dispute arising from a US$2 billion merger transaction spanning Brazil and Chile.

06 March 2019

Centro de Arbitraje y Mediacion de la Camara de Comercio de Santiago (CAM Santiago)

04 January 2019

AmCham Chile

04 January 2019

Chile and US lithium miner to arbitrate over preferential price

Chile has sought ICC arbitration of a dispute with a US lithium mining company following failed attempts to agree a preferential price for a quarter of its lithium production for domestic companies.

01 November 2018

Brazilian arbitrator spared "misconduct" action in Chile

Brazilian practitioner Valeria Galíndez has been spared a court action in Chile in which she was accused of misconduct as part of a bid to overturn an ICC award she issued as sole arbitrator.

21 July 2017

Berman challenged again in Pey Casado saga

Sir Franklin Berman QC faces a second challenge in the Pey Casado case at ICSID, days after recusing himself from hearing a challenge to fellow Essex Court Chambers barrister VV Veeder QC using language which the claimant says shows his lack of impartiality.

07 March 2017

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