Region: Chile

Colombian power company brings claim against Chile

A Colombian state-owned power company has filed an ICSID claim against Chile over the construction of a major electricity transmission line.

13 April 2021

Chile takes US lithium miner to ICC

Chile has filed a US$15 million ICC claim against a US lithium mining company over royalty payments due under an agreement to exploit one of the world’s largest reserves of the valuable metal.

24 February 2021

Chile threatened over airport pandemic disruption

Two French airport operators have threatened Chile with an ICSID claim after their billion-dollar concession for Santiago’s international airport was severely disrupted by measures taken in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

20 January 2021

Chile defeats ICSID claim over bus network

An ICSID tribunal has dismissed a US$354 million claim against Chile brought by Colombian investors in a concession for a public bus system in Santiago, finding that the impact of fare evasion and vandalism did not amount to indirect expropriation by the state.

12 January 2021

Chilean state entity threatens Ecuador

Chile’s state-owned copper company has threatened to file an investment treaty claim against Ecuador over the alleged failure of its national mining company to comply with agreements to develop a multibillion copper project near Quito.

24 November 2020

Casino investors in Chile bet on ICSID

Three casino operators have instructed counsel as they prepare to file an ICSID claim against Chile over a public tender process for casino concessions that they allege is illegal and favours competitors.

13 November 2020

Centro de Arbitraje y Mediacion de la Camara de Comercio de Santiago (CAM Santiago)

28 January 2020

AmCham Chile

28 January 2020

Lat Am banking merger leads to ICC award

An ICC tribunal has ordered the majority shareholders in a Colombian bank to buy out their minority partner’s interest – in a dispute arising from a US$2 billion merger transaction spanning Brazil and Chile.

06 March 2019

Centro de Arbitraje y Mediacion de la Camara de Comercio de Santiago (CAM Santiago)

04 January 2019

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