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Marc Lalonde 1929-2023

Marc Lalonde, who was at the heart of Canadian politics for over 15 years as right-hand man to former prime minister Pierre Trudeau before becoming a leading international arbitrator, has died aged 93.

26 May 2023

Turkish roadbuilder fails to attach Kyrgyz payment

A Canadian appeal court has rejected a bid by one of Kyrgyzstan’s arbitral creditors to attach a US$50 million payment made by a Canadian mining company to settle an unrelated investment dispute with the Central Asian state.

15 May 2023

Romania opposes ICSID claimant’s “staggering” costs request

Romania has asked an ICSID tribunal to dismiss a Canadian mining group’s “staggering” request to recover almost US$64 million plus interest in costs stemming from its long-running US$4.4 billion treaty claim.

12 May 2023

Canada faces fresh coal phase-out claim

A US mining company has filed a fresh NAFTA claim against Canada over the phase out of coal in the province of Alberta, after its affiliate's US$340 million claim was rejected on jurisdictional grounds last year.

12 May 2023

US sanctions agency gives nod to Venezuelan asset sale

The US government agency that administers economic sanctions has indicated it does not oppose the court-supervised auction of an interest in a US refinery business owned by Venezuela’s national oil and gas company PDVSA to pay the state’s creditors.

02 May 2023

Vancouver centre appoints new secretary general

The Vancouver International Arbitration Centre has appointed independent arbitrator Elsa Sardinha as its new secretary general, as the centre prepares to host a joint conference with ICCA later this year.

27 April 2023

Golf club investors avoid Shenzhen award in Canada

A Canadian court has refused to enforce a US$90 million award rendered in Shenzhen against a golf club impresario and his wife after finding they were not given proper notice of the arbitration during the covid-19 pandemic.

14 April 2023

“A bad look”: arbitrator’s second appointment by counsel leads to set-aside

A Canadian court has set aside two awards in an espresso bar franchise dispute after it emerged through an accidental CC that the sole arbitrator had been appointed by one side’s counsel in a concurrent arbitration.

03 April 2023

Canada faces mega-claim for blocking LNG project

UPDATED: A US investor has launched a US$20 billion NAFTA legacy claim against Canada over the refusal to approve a liquified natural gas facility on environmental grounds.

10 March 2023

Mexico faces NAFTA legacy claims as deadline looms

Canadian mining investors have lodged a NAFTA legacy claim against Mexico and threatened another, as the deadline to bring such cases approaches.

03 March 2023

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