Region: Belize

Belize sees treaty claims loom

UK peer Lord Ashcroft has repeated his threat of a treaty claim against Belize over a proposed port terminal – as the state receives a separate threat from an investor in a lottery company.

31 January 2023

Ashcroft issues fresh threat against Belize

The former deputy chair of the UK’s Conservative Party Lord Ashcroft has once again threatened to bring a treaty claim against Belize, this time over his company’s investment in a proposed port terminal.

01 September 2022

Belize ratifies New York Convention decades after given effect

Belize has ratified the New York Convention, more than 40 years after it was implemented into domestic law and following years of uncertainty about its application in the country – but has it done so for the right reasons?

16 March 2021

Caribbean court knocks back Belize’s public policy objection

The Caribbean Court of Justice has overruled the lower Belizean courts’ refusal to enforce an LCIA award on public policy grounds because of the supposed illegality of a promissory note on which it was based.

23 November 2017

DC court approves transfer of interest in Belize award as state appeals to top US court

A US district court has approved the transfer of interest in a US$22 million LCIA award against Belize to evade local criminal sanctions, as the central American state appeals the confirmation of another award against it to the Supreme Court.

22 August 2017

DC court enforces Belize award in wake of anti-enforcement law

A court in Washington, DC has ruled that Belize must pay an outstanding LCIA award, even though the creditors would not argue in favour of it because of a new Belizean law criminalising attempts to enforce certain awards against the state in foreign courts.

10 February 2017

US Supreme Court won’t hear Belize appeal

The US Supreme Court has declined to hear Belize’s appeal against enforcement of three LCIA awards.

09 January 2017

Belize to pay as interrupted case reaches end

An UNCITRAL tribunal has ordered Belize to pay US$171 million for nationalising a telecoms company, in a case that was halted for four years owing to a Belizean court injunction and more recently has been uncontested because of a settlement.

20 October 2016

“A negotiated surrender”: counsel in Belize cases criticises settlement

In an unexpected development, a senator who was counsel to various companies that brought investment claims against his native Belize has called the landmark settlement of the cases last year “a negotiated surrender” that was “not in the interest” of the central American state.

02 August 2016

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