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Paulsson resigns after challenge over parallel appointments

Jan Paulsson has resigned from an ICSID tribunal that will hear Niko Resources’ latest claim against Bangladesh after being challenged over appointments he has received from the Canadian oil and gas company in other arbitrations against the state.

31 August 2021

Paulsson challenged over parallel appointments

Ex-Three Crowns partner Jan Paulsson is the latest arbitrator to be challenged over his appointments in parallel cases, as Bangladesh seeks to remove him from an ICSID panel hearing a US$100 million claim by Canada’s Niko Resources over a gas field.

02 August 2021

Bangladeshi state agency liable at ICSID

Retired UK Supreme Court judge Lord Mance has issued an ICSID award requiring a Bangladeshi state agency to pay damages in a contract dispute over electricity pricing – after ruling he was bound by an earlier ICC award between the same parties.

14 April 2021

Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC)

27 January 2020

Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC)

03 January 2019

PowerPoint on corruption findings protected by privilege, says ICSID panel

Two Bangladeshi state entities' latest attempt to obtain evidence for corruption allegations against ICSID claimant Niko Resources has failed, after the tribunal ruled a PowerPoint presentation from an eight-year-old investigation is protected by legal privilege.

08 August 2017

India’s BIT recast continues

India is pressing on with its promised recast of its investment treaty framework, agreeing with Bangladesh a set of “joint interpretative notes” for their 2011 bilateral investment treaty.

19 July 2017

ICSID panel won’t call in Mounties

An ICSID tribunal hearing gas producer Niko Resources’ claim against two Bangladeshi state entities has said it will not ask an Alberta court to compel the sharing of evidence obtained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during an investigation of alleged corruption by the claimant.

19 April 2017

Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC)

Featured in Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 6 - 2018)

08 November 2016

Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC)

Featured in Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 5 - 2017)

08 November 2016

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