Region: Australia

Australian court enforces award over failed textiles IPO

A court in Melbourne has enforced a Chinese venture capital fund’s US$27 million CIETAC award against Australian investors over the failed IPO of a sheepskin and textiles business.

24 May 2021

Chevron rushes to confirm awards in jetty dispute

Chevron has asked a US court to confirm a pair of adverse awards in a billion-dollar dispute over the construction of a jetty for one of the world’s largest natural gas projects – as it seeks to stave off a further damages claim in litigation.

06 May 2021

Australian almond milk dispute to be heard in California

The Federal Court of Australia has ruled that litigation between an Australian food and beverage group and a US farmers’ cooperative over the licensing of almond milk products should be stayed in favour of an ICDR arbitration in California.

17 March 2021

Australian-Taiwanese academic sets up as arbitrator

An Australian-Taiwanese academic who has helped develop arbitration in Taiwan and shape the Singapore Convention has joined chambers in Singapore with a view to building a practice as an arbitrator.

05 March 2021

Australian court rules on recognition of ICSID awards

The Federal Court of Australia has affirmed that Spain is not entitled to rely on sovereign immunity as a defence to recognition of a €101 million ICSID award – while holding that a first-instance judge took the wrong approach in the form of recognition he granted.

01 February 2021

Tasmania wins damages over power outage

A sole arbitrator has ordered the Singapore-owned operator of an undersea power cable to pay around US$28 million to the Australian state of Tasmania over a power outage five years ago.

11 December 2020

Magnate sees setback in Australian mining dispute

An Australian court has overturned the enforcement of a pair of awards in favour of a mining magnate pursuing a US$21 billion arbitration against Western Australia – as he challenges emergency legislation passed by the state government to thwart his claim.

25 November 2020

Rio Tinto gas price review claim not time-barred

An Australian court has ruled that Rio Tinto mining entities can pursue a price review claim against a Chevron consortium, finding that a time stipulation in their gas sale agreement was not essential.

24 September 2020

Mining magnate brings new suit against Western Australia

As Western Australia passes legislation to terminate a US$21 billion domestic arbitration, the mining magnate behind the claim says he has filed a new lawsuit against the state government – while practitioners have warned the law could lead to an investment treaty claim.

27 August 2020

Western Australia scrambles to halt mega-claim

An Australian mining magnate is seeking as much as US$21 billion in a domestic arbitration against Western Australia, as the state government scrambles to pass emergency legislation that would terminate the proceeding.

12 August 2020

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