Region: Albania

ICSID creditor targets funds for Italy-Albania migration deal

A businessman seeking to enforce an ICSID award against Albania has attempted to seize €135 million in funds allocated to the Balkan state under a controversial migration deal with Italy – as he threatens a further arbitration.

22 November 2023

Albanian group brings ICSID claim against North Macedonia

An Albanian group has brought a US$110 million ICSID claim against North Macedonia over a stalled project to build a hotel and commercial centre in the state’s capital.

21 August 2023

Albania passes new arbitration law

The Albanian parliament has passed a new arbitration law based on the UNCITRAL Model Law as it seeks to encourage greater foreign investment in the country.

07 July 2023

Oil company brings claim against Albania

CORRECTED: An oil company has reportedly launched a €60 million claim against Albania over a terminated oilfield concession.

24 May 2023

Brussels court maintains Albanian asset freeze

The Brussels Court of Appeal has upheld an attachment over Albanian air traffic control revenues obtained by Italian investors seeking to enforce an €110 million ICSID award.

23 May 2023

Albania faces new treaty claim over seizure of television station

A Bulgarian businesswoman is bringing a €128 million treaty claim against Albania over the seizure of a television station and other investments, it has emerged.

18 April 2023

Albania threatens ICSID withdrawal as German investor brings new claim

A German shipping company has brought an ICSID claim against Albania, as the state threatens to withdraw from the centre’s jurisdiction after failing to reopen a €110 million award in a separate case.

13 April 2023

Albania fails to reopen ICSID award after criminal convictions

An ICSID tribunal has refused to revise a €110 million award against Albania over the expropriation of a television station despite the subsequent criminal convictions of several of the Italian claimants by the Balkan state’s courts.

04 April 2023

Poncet survives challenge in ICSID revision proceeding

Albania has failed to disqualify Charles Poncet from hearing its bid to revise a €110 million ICSID award based on the Swiss arbitrator being the only original member of the tribunal available to hear the request.

05 December 2022

Albania challenges Poncet in ICSID revision proceeding

Albania has sought to disqualify Swiss arbitrator Charles Poncet from hearing its bid to revise a €110 million ICSID award on the basis that the other two members of the original tribunal are unavailable.

28 October 2022

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