Region: Africa & Middle East

New ICSID claim against Burkina Faso

A Mauritian investor in explosive products has filed an ICSID claim against Burkina Faso – the first case the state has faced at the centre in more than 20 years.

12 April 2021

Iraq to sign New York Convention

Iraq is to become the 168th signatory of the New York Convention after passing an accession law as part of its ongoing reconstruction programme after the US-led ousting of Saddam Hussein and the years of instability that have followed.

06 April 2021

French court says PCA lacked power to intervene in OIC case

The Paris Court of Appeal has ruled that the Permanent Court of Arbitration had no authority to assist in the appointment of a tribunal to hear a US$525 million claim against Libya after the Organization of Islamic Cooperation refused to appoint an arbitrator on the state’s behalf.

26 March 2021

Congo will face multibillion mining claim

Australia's Sundance Resources has made good on a threatened US$8.8 billion ICC claim against the Republic of the Congo – one of three cases the Central African state could face over its revocation of mining licences.

25 March 2021

Lebanese creditor seizes Congo oil revenues

A French court has confirmed that a Lebanese creditor seeking to enforce €1.4 billion worth of ICC awards against the Republic of the Congo can attach US$30 million in funds from the state’s national oil company.

24 March 2021

Miner fails to revive claim against Kenya

Subsidiaries of a Canadian mining company have lost their bid to revive an ICSID claim against Kenya that was dismissed over a failure to observe local environmental laws.

23 March 2021

Eni gets discovery from funder for Nigerian corruption dispute

A US court has allowed Italian oil producer Eni to obtain evidence from a third-party funder for use in an ICSID case against Nigeria over the state’s allegations the company paid millions in bribes to secure rights to an oil field.

23 March 2021

Egypt defeats claims over suspected airline bombing

An UNCITRAL tribunal has dismissed parallel treaty claims worth US$200 million brought by a Russian airline and Turkish tour operator against Egypt over the suspected bombing of an aircraft.

19 March 2021

Gabonese gas field project leads to claim

A subsidiary of Indonesia’s state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina has launched a US$43 million arbitration against Gabon’s national oil company over a gas field project.

19 March 2021

Shell and Eni acquitted in Nigerian bribery case

A Milan court has acquitted oil companies Shell and Eni of paying millions in bribes to Nigerian officials to secure prospecting rights to a lucrative oil field, allegations that have also given rise to ICSID proceedings.

19 March 2021

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