Region: Africa & Middle East

Cash-stuffed Louis Vuitton bag helps sink Gabon award

A Paris court has overturned a US$180 million ICC award against Gabon after finding sufficient evidence that public works contracts at the heart of the dispute were procured through corruption – including the alleged delivery to a minister of a cash-stuffed Louis Vuitton bag.

06 April 2022

Yemeni businessman threatens Uganda over market project

A Yemeni businessman has threatened Uganda with an almost US$860 million ICSID claim over the alleged expropriation of his investment in a project to redevelop one of Africa’s largest open markets.

06 April 2022

Emergency arbitrator restrains Cameroon in mining dispute

An Australian mining company says it has won an interim order from an emergency arbitrator barring Cameroon from granting exploration rights to an iron ore deposit while their ICC dispute over the project is ongoing.

05 April 2022

ICSID round-up: a defeated claim, an award upheld and new cases

An ICSID tribunal has dismissed a claim worth more than US$95 million brought by US mining companies against Rwanda, while Spain has failed to overturn a renewables award and there are new cases against Romania and Iraq.

04 April 2022

Dairy investor enforces award against Libya

A US court has enforced a €19 million treaty award against Libya over an expropriated dairy and juice factory, rejecting arguments that an ICC panel’s findings were “irrational and absurd” or that the Libyan or French courts were more suitable venues for enforcement.

30 March 2022

DIAC and LCIA reach deal

UPDATED. The Dubai International Arbitration Centre and London Court of International Court of Arbitration have reached a deal whereby the LCIA will administer all existing cases under DIFC-LCIA rules from London, after a decree issued by the government of Dubai six months ago effectively abolished the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre.

28 March 2022

The Kigali centre – 10 years on

Ten years after its launch – and almost 200 cases later – Thomas Kendra of Hogan Lovells in Paris, a member of the Kigali International Arbitration Centre's board, looks at the development of the centre, focusing on the challenges it has faced and efforts it has made to overcome them, and considers what the future holds.

25 March 2022

Recent US law developments on sovereign immunity

Eversheds Sutherland's Will O’Brien and Ulyana Bardyn consider recent US law developments on sovereign immunity in the P&ID v Nigeria case.

24 March 2022

Egypt settles French cement claim at ICSID

Egypt says it has settled an ICSID claim worth over US$100 million brought by a French family-owned cement company.

23 March 2022

Dubai's shock decree – the fallout continues

GAR looks at the ongoing chaos in Dubai caused by a shock decree six months ago that effectively abolished the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre in a bid to make DIAC the principal arbitral provider in the emirate.

19 March 2022

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