Region: Africa & Middle East

Nigeria seeks to overturn US$11 billion award

Nigeria is fighting to set aside an arbitral award requiring it to pay US$11 billion to an offshore company with arguments that the award and underlying contract were secured through “industrial scale” bribery of Nigerian government officials and lawyers representing the state in the arbitration.

27 January 2023

French court sides with Libya on service

A French court has ruled that Libya is not too late to appeal the enforcement of a €280 million award, after finding that delivery of documents to the state’s foreign ministry was not sufficient to prove service had been completed.

27 January 2023

GE settles Algerian power plant dispute

General Electric and its Greek partner have settled an ICC arbitration with an Algerian state-owned entity over a US$234 million power plant project that gave rise to interim measures enforced in the New York courts.

25 January 2023

Details of South Sudan mobile dispute emerge

A sole arbitrator is hearing a Lebanese-owned mobile operator’s US$3.5 billion ICC claim against South Sudan, it has emerged – but reports suggesting the claimants have won a billion-dollar award have been disputed.

24 January 2023

ICC award set aside over Gaillard eulogy

An ICC award has been set aside after the Paris Court of Appeal concluded that a eulogy written for Emmanuel Gaillard following his sudden and unexpected death gave rise to doubt about the independence and impartiality of the tribunal president.

13 January 2023

Iranian pursues treaty claim against Azerbaijan

An Iranian businessman’s investment treaty claim against Azerbaijan has got underway at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.

05 January 2023

Youssef calls for "COP-27 moment" for arbitration

In a speech in Egypt, Karim Youssef called for a "COP-27 moment for arbitration", arguing that "the preservation of the good health and good functioning of global arbitration is a matter of global public interest."

19 December 2022

Iranian gas award enforced in Rotterdam

Iran’s national oil company has failed to halt enforcement of a US$2.4 billion award in Rotterdam despite its last-minute entreaty to Dutch prosecutors to investigate the Emirati award creditor for alleged corruption.

13 December 2022

ICC to hear claims over Congo lithium venture

An Australian mining company is bringing a pair of ICC arbitrations against its former joint venture partner in a battle for ownership of a major lithium project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – months after a Chinese multinational brought a claim over the same project.

09 December 2022

Egyptian carmaker brings treaty claim against Algeria

An Egyptian car manufacturer has filed a US$24 million treaty claim against Algeria over “severe damage and losses” allegedly caused by government measures.

07 December 2022

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