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Secretariat International is your global source for construction consulting solutions, offering a full suite of scheduling, damages, project management and dispute resolution services to public and private sector clients.  With offices around the world, Secretariat’s professional team of experts and consultants leverage our global reach and experience to deliver unparalleled client service regardless of your project location.

As an international leader in dispute resolution, Secretariat has a proven track record of successfully achieving resolution both prior to and at the conclusion of a dispute. We are committed to supporting our clients with accurate, unbiased analyses through the claim evaluation, litigation/arbitration, and expert witness stages of the conflict resolution process.  We work with our clients to understand the issues, independently analyze the situation, and evaluate the plan forward, options, and alternatives.

Secretariat’s experienced and knowledgeable team provides our clients and legal teams with the technical support to effectively assist with document discovery, claims analysis, deposition preparation, cost and schedule analysis, expert witness testimony, opposing witness cross-examination, and other key dispute processes. As recognized subject matter experts, Secretariat has the capacity to assist with effective resolution of disputes in any number of formats.

Secretariat’s name represents our unmatched performance, which is driven by our corporate values – Integrity, Quality and Objectivity.  These values are paramount in all that we do to deliver custom solutions and meet the most demanding objectives.  We have assembled a team of the best, brightest and most respected names in the industry to ensure our results always exceed expectations.