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Compass Lexecon

Compass Lexecon

One of the world’s leading economic consulting firms, Compass Lexecon provides law firms, corporations and government clients with clear analysis of complex issues. We have been involved in a broad spectrum of matters related to economics and finance – providing critical insight in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decisions and public policy debates. Our experience and expertise apply to virtually any question of economics, in virtually any context of the law or business.

At Compass Lexecon, we believe that critical economic issues – whether in connection with litigation, regulatory review, strategic planning or other corporate activities – are best understood when subjected to a rigorous empirical analysis. Our firm is known for developing a thorough understanding of the issues that face our clients, relating those issues to relevant economic theory, and then supporting our analysis with solid and persuasive empirical evidence. One of our most valuable assets is our ability to present complex concepts and data in an understandable manner. Our successes in the courtroom and before regulatory agencies over the years have validated our approach. 
Compass Lexecon currently has a professional staff of more than 425 individuals, including 137 highly skilled Ph.D. economists and econometricians and more than 165 other individuals with advanced degrees located in 17 offices. For the past 10 years, Compass Lexecon has been ranked as one of the leading antitrust economics firms in the world by the Global Competition Review.

Our practices are led by some of the most recognized and respected economic thinkers in the world including six former chief economists of the Department of Justice Antitrust Division. We maintain relationships with numerous high-profile academic affiliates, including Nobel Prize winners. Many of our experts are nonemployee independent contractors who under certain circumstances may pursue commercial engagements outside Compass Lexecon.

Compass Lexecon is a wholly owned subsidiary of FTI Consulting, Inc., a global business advisory firm.