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Von Wobeser y Sierra, SC

Von Wobeser y Sierra, SC

Von Wobeser y Sierra, SC is one of the leading firms in arbitration not only in Mexico but also in Latin America. Since the firm was formed, it has been actively involved in the promotion and practice of arbitration.

The firm is an active member of all the relevant national and international arbitration institutions (International Chamber of Commerce, American Arbitration Association, CANACO, London Court of International Arbitration, CAM, etc).

The experience of our law firm in arbitration includes any possible activity related to an arbitration procedure. As arbitrators (either Co-arbitrators or Chairman of Arbitral Tribunals) we have extensive experience. Members of our law firm participate in an average of seven arbitrations per year.

We have also participated as expert witnesses in international disputes involving Mexican law. In this regard, we have been able to influence the outcome of some arbitrations by including and explaining some legal arguments not clearly developed in early stages of the arbitrations.

Finally, we have also served as counsel to enforce before Mexican courts, arbitration awards that were not voluntarily complied with.

Von Wobeser y Sierra SC
Guillermo González Camarena 1100, Piso 7
Col. Santa Fe
Mexico City CP 01210
Tel: +52 55 5258 1000