Organisation: Singapore International Arbitration Centre

Shell-Brunei venture brings SIAC claims

A joint venture between Shell and the Brunei government has filed two claims at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre against a Malaysian engineering contractor undergoing a US$3 billion debt restructuring.

13 October 2023

SIAC adds board and court members

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre has appointed India’s Cyril Shroff to its board of directors and two new members to its arbitration court.

17 August 2023

Indian power plant award challenged in Singapore

India’s Reliance Infrastructure has challenged a US$146 million SIAC award in favour of a Chinese energy group over the supply of equipment for a coal-fired power station – as a second arbitration continues.

31 May 2023

Asian private equity dispute heads to SIAC

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre is hearing a dispute between two Asian private equity firms over the cancellation of a billion-dollar acquisition of a manufacturing business.

20 April 2023

Malaysian state entity defeats bid to revive SIAC claim

UPDATED: A Singapore court has upheld a SIAC award favouring Malaysia’s state-owned telecoms company in a US$35 million dispute with a provider of set-top boxes for internet protocol television, finding no evidence the arbitrator failed to keep an open mind.

07 February 2023

SIAC to hear Indian fintech feud

An Indian fintech company has filed a SIAC claim to recover shares owned by one of its founders who it has accused of fraud and embezzlement.

12 December 2022

Dutch court weighs SIAC award against Cayman fund

A Dutch court that has been asked to enforce a SIAC award over a Philippine toll road venture says it intends to seek guidance on whether the Indonesian-owned award debtor is a legal entity under Cayman law.

08 December 2022

SIAC to hear claim over Seoul skyscraper sale

UPDATED: A South Korean investment firm has launched a SIAC claim after pulling out of a deal to acquire a landmark development in Seoul’s financial district for nearly US$2.8 billion.

26 September 2022

SIAC award survives coercion allegations

A mining executive and his son who alleged they were coerced at knifepoint into settling a joint venture dispute while suffering from mental illness have lost their challenge to a US$12 million SIAC award in Singapore.

29 July 2022

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