Organisation: ICC International Court of Arbitration

Uniper hit with award in LNG price review

Germany’s recently nationalised energy group Uniper has been ordered to pay €550 million in an ICC price review claim under a long-term contract with a supplier of liquefied natural gas.

27 November 2023

Spanish utility on the hook in LNG price review

Spanish electric utility Endesa says it has been ordered to pay US$570 million in a price review arbitration at the ICC under a long-term contract for supply of liquefied natural gas.

20 November 2023

Spanish contractor pursues Gabon over stadium award

A Spanish infrastructure company has asked a US court to enforce a €12.5 million ICC award against Gabon over a failed project to upgrade a football stadium for the Africa Cup of Nations.

13 October 2023

Chinese solar panel maker liable in ICC case

An ICC tribunal has ordered a Chinese manufacturer to pay US$72 million in a dispute with a Brazilian renewable energy company over the supply of modules for a solar power project.

05 October 2023

Italian court won’t enforce partially annulled ICC award

An Italian court has ruled it has no power to enforce the surviving parts of an ICC award relating to a Malaysian steel plant after it was partially set aside at the seat of the arbitration in Singapore.

22 September 2023

UK court grants anti-suit injunction to enforce foreign-seated ICC clause

The Commercial Court in London has granted an injunction to restrain litigation in Russia – enforcing an ICC arbitration clause that provides for a Paris seat.

07 September 2023

Chad pipeline dispute reaches New York

A UK-based energy company has asked a US court to freeze US$151 million in funds held by Citibank pending an ICC arbitration with Chad over an oil pipeline venture – putting an emergency arbitrator order in the public domain.

04 September 2023

ICC panel decides Algerian rail dispute

UPDATED: An Algerian state agency has reportedly defeated the bulk of a €200 million ICC claim brought by Spanish construction group OHLA over a railway project.

01 September 2023

Swiss trader defeats claim over Congo oil field

An ICC tribunal has declined to hear a UK energy company’s US$200 million claim against a Swiss commodities trader over an oil field in the Republic of the Congo – finding no basis to extend an arbitration clause to non-signatories.

29 August 2023

US appeals court upholds Panama Canal awards

A US appeals court has refused to set aside a pair of ICC awards worth US$285 million in favour of the Panama Canal Authority based on the arbitrators’ involvement in unrelated arbitrations.

21 August 2023

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