Organisation: Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

Market manipulation scheme leads to set-aside in Hong Kong

A Hong Kong court has upheld a jurisdictional challenge to an HKIAC award in favour of the daughter of a jailed Chinese pharmaceuticals executive – relying on new evidence that emerged through criminal proceedings over a market manipulation scheme.

31 August 2023

Winding-up of paper group stayed in favour of HKIAC claim

A Hong Kong court has stayed a six-year-old petition to wind up a Chinese paper company over an unpaid HKIAC award because the debtor is pursuing a larger cross-claim in a second arbitration.

15 August 2023

Cayman court grants injunction in aid of Chinese arbitration

A Cayman court has restrained a Hong Kong-owned education company from enforcing share charges pending a CIETAC proceeding – the first time it has ruled on its standalone power to grant interim measures in aid of foreign arbitrations under the territory’s 2012 arbitration law.

11 August 2023

UK court rejects consumer law challenge to Hong Kong award

A widow who was held liable in a Hong Kong arbitration after personally guaranteeing a bond issuance by her late husband’s company “out of love” has failed to halt enforcement of the award in London by invoking UK consumer law.

08 August 2023

Russian court refuses to stay lawsuit for HKIAC arbitration

A Russian court has refused to suspend a billion-euro lawsuit in favour of HKIAC arbitration – finding there was reason to doubt the sanctioned defendant would be guaranteed a fair trial at the Hong Kong centre.

05 July 2023

Chinese airport operator liable over aborted share sale

The operator of an airport in southern China says it has been found liable in a US$900 million HKIAC dispute with a Chinese private equity fund over an aborted share sale, with damages still to be decided.

19 June 2023

HKIAC hears fight between “Bitcoin Jesus” and bankrupt crypto exchange

An investor dubbed “Bitcoin Jesus” is pursuing a US$200 million HKIAC claim against a bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, it has emerged, as he faces a claim for an alleged default that contributed to the platform’s downfall.

05 May 2023

Chinese property group defeats HKIAC claim by ex-shareholder

An arbitrator in Hong Kong has dismissed a US$147 million claim against a Chinese property developer arising from a voided share purchase, as it battles to regain control of valuable assets on the mainland.

24 April 2023

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