The Brattle Group Inc

The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world, and is highly experienced in working on matters related to international arbitrations. Our experts have testified in all of the major international arbitration forums in disputes covering a wide range of industries. We have been engaged in dozens of investor-state arbitrations, working on behalf of both investors and states, involving assets located in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. In addition, Brattle has worked on over 100 international commercial arbitrations. Our work has included economic analyses of liability and damages in matters involving expropriation, breach of contract, failed business transactions, auctions, and trade and treaty disputes. Total claims in international arbitrations in which Brattle has been retained exceed $150 billion. Outside of disputes, we regularly provide commercial and regulatory advice to clients on energy and infrastructure projects around the globe. Brattle provides both industry and academic expertise. Our principals include Professor Stewart Myers of MIT, author of the world’s leading corporate finance textbook and a Brattle founder, and Daniel L. McFadden, Nobel Laureate, Presidential Professor of Health Economics at the University of Southern California, and Professor of the Graduate School at University of California, Berkeley. We also work closely with a broad network of leading academics and industry experts. Clients value our commitment to quality and independence, and the balance between our work on behalf of claimants and on behalf of respondents reflects our credibility with tribunals.

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