Tashkent International Arbitration Centre

TIAC is an international arbitration centre established in November 2018 and officially launched in April 2019, which delivers zero-admin-fee, state-of-the-art arbitration services under a unique conflictfree operational framework to users in the CIS region and beyond. The TIAC Court of Arbitration is a fully autonomous organ within the TIAC and is the only body within the TIAC’s structure that administers disputes according to the TIAC Rules of Arbitration in complete independence from TIAC, its founders, the director or any other entities. The TIAC Court of Arbitration is assisted by the TIAC Secretariat. To avoid issues of conflict of interest and to maintain the strictest standards of impartiality, independence and neutrality, under TIAC’s operational framework no member of the TIAC Court of Arbitration or the TIAC director or other TIAC employees can act as arbitrators under the TIAC Rules of Arbitration during their term of service.


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