Shin & Kim

Shin & Kim has grown with our clients

Founded in 1983, Shin & Kim’s vision has always been to offer practical and creative solutions whilst preserving its core values of integrity and excellence. It has grown with our clients.
With over 700 professionals comprising of domestic and foreign lawyers, accountants, patent attorneys and tax accountants, Shin & Kim is dedicated to providing highly specialized legal services across all industry sectors to its clients.

Achieving the objectives of the client is our top priority

Understanding the values and goals of our clients is our top priority. It is through this understanding that Shin & Kim is able to offer legal solutions to allow clients to meet there commercial objectives. We provide solutions that address the core issues rather than solutions at achieving short term gains. We tailor our services for each client respecting at all times the client’s corporate culture.

Commitment to corporate social responsibility

Giving back to marginalized groups is one of Shin & Kim’s most important responsibilities. Over the years, Shin & Kim has provided pro bono services and support for those in need. In September, 2014, Shin & Kim established a community service foundation named “Nanum & Ieum Foundation” (‘Sharing & Connecting’ in English meaning) to provide and expand volunteer activities and to proactively fulfil our corporate social responsibility.

Shin & Kim stands together with our clients

Shin & Kim will always stand together with our clients as partners in any situation. We remain committed to working with our clients to overcome uncertainties and risks and move forward towards a success.

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