Secretariat is a leading independent expert services and consulting practice, specializing in international arbitration and commercial litigation, large scale construction disputes with a focus on delay and quantum analysis, forensic accounting, economic damages and government contracting. Our experts maintain integrity, quality and objectivity when solving complex disputes and deliver detailed analyses in a clear and concise manner. We are committed to supporting our clients with accurate, unbiased analyses through each stage of the dispute resolution or consulting process, allowing clients to fully assess their position and ultimately achieve the best result.

Secretariat’s experienced and knowledgeable team provides our clients and their legal teams with the technical support to effectively problem-solve every key aspect of the dispute resolution process. Our experts are adept at providing testimony and being cross-examined across the globe in arbitrations, mediations, and trials. In addition to our disputes experience, Secretariat has a wide range of consulting expertise in the construction industry. Our professionals have worked in industry and public accounting to bring a unique perspective to assist clients in growing their business and addressing complex issues.

Secretariat are headquartered in Atlanta and have offices across Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane, Bristol, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Singapore, Toronto and Washington D.C.

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