Pedro Henríquez Ureña 150Torre Diandy XIX, Pisos 11 y 10Santo DomingoDominican Republic10106Tel: +1 809 381 0505Fax: +1 809 381 0606Lucas Guzmán Ló[email protected] Rodríguez [email protected] general practice firm, OMG is oriented towards strategic business planning and is known for its skill in handling the most sophisticated and demanding legal and business challenges. With exceptional depth of experience across a broad range of industry sectors, OMG has been at the forefront of some of the most important deals and transactions, both local and international, that have taken place in the Dominican Republic. OMG’s vast experience, combined with a groundbreaking approach to analysis and research, results in innovative solutions that meet the most specialised needs of its clients.OMG strongly believes that its clients obtain more value if most of their conflicts are properly managed through alternative means. In that regard, the firm has gained important experience in arbitration, negotiation and mediation. The firm is very much aware of the importance of preserving good relationships and protecting what really matters to its clients. OMG’s consultants strive to obtain extraordinary outcomes implementing non-adversarial methods of dispute resolution that stand out of the common approach typically used by the industry worldwide.OMG has developed great links with important institutions in order to develop and implement alternative dispute resolution as a feasible means of handling conflicts. In addition, the firm is continually developing new products for its clients to help them better address their conflict management processes.

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