Obeid & Partners

Obeid Law Firm (OLF) is a full-service international law firm operating across the MENA region from its headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. OLF is widely acknowledged as being one of the leading law firms in the Middle East. OLF’s portfolio of cases includes local and international mandates conducted in English, French and Arabic. For over three decades, its lawyers have been advising on legal reforms across the MENA region and specializing in complex cross-border matters where expert knowledge of multiple legal systems is required. The firm comes highly commended by leading practitioners, international legal publications and institutions. Known for its commitment to excellence and its expertise in Middle Eastern legislations, the firm has established a first-class international arbitration practice acting as parties’ counsel, arbitrator, or expert. Obeid Law Firm has been involved in some of the largest arbitration cases in the Middle East, and has actively participated in various legal reforms in Lebanon and the Gulf region. The firm’s dispute resolution team also advises clients at the pre- and post-arbitration stages through to the enforcement of arbitral awards, foreign courts decisions and related execution measures before the local courts. On the local litigation front, OLF’s litigation group is widely recognized as “‘[a]bsolutely first rate in the Middle East’” and has an unparalleled record in court wins. The litigation team has significant experience in all civil, commercial and administrative courts in Lebanon and the firm has been and continues to be involved in many of the most significant litigation disputes in the market.


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