Moreno Baldivieso Estudio de Abogados

Founded in 1931 as an intellectual property practice, Moreno Baldivieso has developed into a fully-fledged law firm with offices in six of the nine most important cities in Bolivia. The firm caters to domestic and foreign clients in most areas of law, providing personal, one-on-one basis service to each client.With a team of 44 lawyers nationwide, almost 85 per cent of the firm's portfolio is comprised of international clients in the corporate, hydrocarbons, mining, domestic and international arbitration, telecommunications, M&A, banking and finance, intellectual property, labour, tax and insurance fields.In 2006, Moreno Baldivieso opened an international arbitration department that has gained vast experience in commercial and investment arbitration. The firm is currently serving as legal counsel in various cases under UNCITRAL, International Chamber of Commerce and other arbitration rules.Avenida Sánchez Bustamante No. 977 Torre Pacífico, Piso 8, Calacoto La Paz Bolivia Tel: +591 22

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