Lazareff Le Bars

Lazareff Le Bars is an international firm based in Paris specialising in dispute resolution, including international arbitration, international commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution.Our vision is built on the excellence of our key practice areas, which distinguish us as a specialised boutique firm.The firm is comprised of a team of skilled lawyers, including French, American, Russian, Indian, Romanian, Greek, Japanese and British lawyers who practise both common and civil law. The majority of our lawyers have significant prior experience in larger UK and US firms. Lazareff Le Bars thus combines the culture of a larger firm along with the individualised client service and focused attention of a smaller practice.To this day, our professionals have been involved in over 300 ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings.The combination of our sharp professionalism and our openness to different cultures creates a collaborative working environment, which enables us to ensure that our clients receive the best advice possible in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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