Jacobacci e Associati Law Firm

The Jacobacci law firm was founded in 1996 in Turin and Milan by a small team of young lawyers who combined their formidable domestic and international experience with the goal of furthering a new approach to intellectual property protection in Italy and abroad.

In the more than 20 years that followed, the firm opened new offices (in Rome, Paris and Madrid), focused on growing its base of professionals and administrative support staff, and established its presence in the Italian and international intellectual property legal market.

The rapid growth of the firm has been multidimensional. Over the years, Jacobacci lawyers have provided services for a multitude of clients in the industrial and commodities sectors, assisting and representing them in all types of complex legal situations that cover the entire panorama of intellectual property, all while contributing to the development of innovative legal precedents in both Italy and before the European Courts of Justice in several areas.

After 20 years of experience, the firm continues to strengthen and expand its areas of expertise, which most recently resulted in the creation of a practice area specifically devoted to data protection and privacy, entrusted to attorneys who have extensive experience in both the complex regulations underlying this field and the related legal matters.


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