Burford Capital

Burford is a leading global finance firm focused on law. Our businesses include litigation finance, risk management and transfer, law firm lending, corporate intelligence and judgment enforcement, and a wide range of investment activities. Burford is staffed by lawyers and investment bankers with expertise in under writing a wide range of complex litigation and arbitration matters. Burford goes beyond what people think litigation finance can do – far beyond the many ‘outside funders’ merely able to pay the legal expenses of a given claim. We innovate solutions to address firms’ and clients’ unique needs and we work with them at any stage in the litigation or arbitration cycle. In doing so we help clients and law firms finance disputes and monetise claims, manage cost and transfer risk, while simultaneously unlocking new sources of capital to fuel business growth. Burford’s equity and debt securities are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. We work with lawyers and clients around the world from our principal offices in New York and London.

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