At BODENHEIMER, we firmly believe in Changing Perspectives and Embracing Diversity:

  • We are a multijurisdictional team that handles disputes across jurisdictions. Our lawyers hail from jurisdictions on four of the world’s six continents. Our clients come from all over the world.
  • We handle not only party’s counsel cases in litigationarbitration, and mediation and other ADR proceedings, but also serve as arbitratormediator or in other capacities as neutral.
  • Our disputes practice is based not just on methodical skills. We can also rely on deep industry knowledge and vast practical experience of the substantive law issues at stake in the disputes that we handle.
  • Our firm is rooted in a culture of diversity. We believe in embracing and actively promoting gender diversity and an inclusive and family-friendly culture at the workplace. Our lawyers are involved in global, regional and local initiatives fostering these ends.

The polygon-style photos you will find all across reflect our spirit. Squint your eyes, and you will see clearer. Changing perspectives!

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