A&M GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft


In addition to auditing activities, we have specialized in the following areas:


A&M works with well-known private equity investors, hedge funds and industrial companies to identify and realize potential for increases in value before, during and after the acquisition.

In addition to audit-related activities, A&M focuses on economic consulting, especially on financial due diligence in connection with excellent practical operational experience. Our decisive advantage is the high level of experience in our team and the practical operational support.

The integrated due diligence can work out the "equity story" for potential buyers and financing banks in a targeted manner by concentrating on the industry-specific parameters and risks relevant to the purchase price.

A&M focuses early on in the process by involving experienced purchase contract specialists on the core issues that have an impact on the purchase contract and the purchase price mechanism.


A&M supports well-known companies and law firms in determining, preparing and analyzing the facts and, if necessary, in presenting them, including the economic consequences.

  • Through the use of forensic technology, large amounts of structured and unstructured information can also be controlled;
  • The Forensic Investigation enables a reliable determination of the facts and a comprehensible representation; and
  • The Dispute Services include in particular the quantification of possible damage, including reporting on this, if necessary also in the context of a hearing


A&M advises private equity investors and industrial companies on acquisitions, restructuring and shareholder disputes with the valuation of companies, liabilities and intangible assets.

We specialize in the following valuation topics:

  • Transaction advice: In transactions, we support you in determining the purchase price, with fairness opinions and with IDW S1 reports for squeeze outs, mergers and domination and profit transfer agreements
  • Restructuring: In the case of restructuring, we support you in determining the value of equity, debt capital and mezzanine financing as well as with possible certificates of intrinsic value
  • Shareholder disputes: For contentious disputes, we prepare clear, unambiguous and court-proof reports on company values, company value reductions and individual aspects of the valuation
  • Compliance: For tax and accounting purposes, we prepare expert opinions on company values, intangible assets (purchase price allocations) and the relocation of functions


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