Thomas Mensah 1932-2020

Ghanaian judge and arbitrator Thomas Mensah, who chaired the tribunal that arbitrated the South China Sea dispute between China and the Philippines – heralded beforehand as one of the most geopolitically important arbitrations ever – has died aged 87.

10 April 2020

Rudolf Dolzer 1944-2020

Rudolf Dolzer, a pioneer of international investment law, arbitrator and professor emeritus at the University of Bonn in his native Germany, has died aged 76.

09 April 2020

Johnny Veeder QC 1948-2020

The arbitration community is mourning the loss of leading arbitrator Van Vechten Veeder QC – known as VV Veeder or Johnny – who died this week at the age of 71.

13 March 2020

Tributes to Johnny Veeder

Members of the arbitration community have paid tribute to Johnny Veeder following his death last week.

13 March 2020

Luiz Olavo Baptista 1938-2019

Luiz Olavo Baptista, a pioneer of arbitration in Brazil who also served as president of the World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body, has died aged 81.

06 November 2019

Ahmed Sadek El-Kosheri 1932-2019

Egyptian arbitrator Ahmed Sadek El-Kosheri, a major figure in international arbitration in the Arab world and beyond for nearly half a century, has died aged 86.

19 March 2019

Tributes to Ahmed Sadek El-Kosheri

The international arbitration community is mourning Ahmed Sadek El-Kosheri, who died at the weekend. Here is a selection of the tributes.

19 March 2019

Tributes to Francisco Orrego Vicuña

Tributes have flooded in for Francisco Orrego Vicuña, who died yesterday.

03 October 2018

Francisco Orrego Vicuña 1942-2018

Chilean arbitrator and academic Francisco Orrego Vicuña – one of the first Latin Americans to transfer knowledge of public international law to the new field of investment arbitration – has died aged 76.

03 October 2018

Mohamed Madkour – 1980-2018

Mohamed Madkour, known as a rising star of Egyptian arbitration, has died aged just 38 following heart surgery in Paris.

05 June 2018

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